ideas are all over the place

the sales team at Crazy Cookies Inc. has tons of new recipe ideas from customers, but no central location to organize and share them with the hard-working folks @baking department

never miss another great idea

product manager Isabel creates an idea room on Agora, so that it’s super easy for everyone @sales to share ideas for creating products that customers love

Collect | Curate | Launch
Collect | Curate | Launch
collaborate across silos

Mo @marketing and Barbara @baking chime in with their expertise about a new cookie idea suggested by sales

decide with confidence

Isabel feels more confident about prioritizing new product ideas because collective input from everyone is visible and curated in one place

Collect | Track | Action
Collect | Track | Action
make products people love

When an idea is ready to launch, Isabel simply exports it to a project management tracker. Anyone following the idea will get updates when it’s done!


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